How do I generate automated employee documents or letters (offer letters, appointment letters etc.)?

Creation of a Letter Template

  • Go to  Employees >> Letters >> Letter Templates. Click on “+ Add Letter Template”
  • Enter the template name(Template Label) and choose which admin or licensor can generate it (Who can generate the letter?)
  • Next, choose if the letter generation requires any approval flow (How many levels of approvals you want to add?) and the permissions of the approval flow(Request signature during approval and Request comment during approval). Here you can specify of the approver can digitally sign the letter on approval. The digital sign can be drawn or uploaded & it can be used in the letter too via the {{primary_approver_sign}} and {{secondary_approver_sign}} dynamic fields
  • Instead of a digital sign if the letter requires the physical signature of the employee or organization for authorization, please specify it using the "Does this letter require the signature of any party" question
  • Finally choose the header & footer template, enter the template body & save it. You can also download a PDF preview of the letter before saving to check for alignment & spacing

Generating employee letters individually or in bulk

  • Click on “Generated Letters”
  • Click on “+ Generate Letter”
  • Select one or more employees, select the letter template you had created and authorized signatory if needed
  • On the next tab, you can preview the letters before their generation. You can also change the employee view using the "Select Employee(s)" dropdown
  • Save the changes using the "Save Changes" button. Once you are ready, use the "Generate Letter(s)" button to generate all the letters

Approving & electronically signing the letter

  • On generating a letter that has an associated approval flow, the pending letter will show up under the Pending Letters tab
  • The approver can either approve or reject the letter. Before that, they can preview the letter
  • On approval, if defined in the template, they can electronically sign the letter or upload the signature image
  • This sign can be utilized within the letter if either of  {{primary_approver_sign}} or {{secondary_approver_sign}} dynamic fields are added in the template

Uploading a signed copy of the letter

  • For any generated letter that has a signature requirement(as defined in the template creation process), you will see an "Upload Letter" button in the Actions column
  • On clicking that button you will get a popup to choose the signed copy version that you are uploading and the upload file
  • Click on Upload to start the upload

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