How do I add a final recommendation for an employee?

  • Log into your Quikchex account and go to Performance >> My Team Performance Dashboard. Select the correct performance cycle from the cycle switcher on the top right corner
  • Under Process Alerts click on See Alerts and then click on the link for pending final recommendations
  • You will get the list of reportees eligible for Final Recommendation. Click on the + button under Actions
  • Click on the + Create Recommendation button on the next page. You will see the final score calculated on the basis of all assessments & the Recommended CTC/Bonus if assigned in the performance cycle.
  • Below that, you can enter the final rating, change in Recommended CTC/Bonus and designation along with their effective dates for the change, any additional details to be updated and the effective date for the other recommendation
  • Note: The Quikchex Performance Module implementation for your Organization may differ from the features are described here. Also, the screenshots shown here may also differ from what you see in your portal. Please reach out to your HR Team for any specific queries
  • Click on the Save button once you have completed adding the recommendation for the employee.

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