How do I get a backup of all the data in Quikchex?

You can always download the reports in the system to keep a backup of all historical data in Quikchex. In the case of automatic backups, we will send a monthly backup to all full access admins. On the 20th of every month, you will receive a password-protected ZIP file containing system generated reports for the previous month. You can activate/deactivate this feature from your admin permissions as shown below:

  • Please ensure that you have the permissions to add/edit other administrators
  • Log into your Quikchex Admin Account
  • Go to Organization >> Manage Administrators and edit the administrator for whom you wish to activate/deactivate this feature
  • Select 'Yes' for "Would you like admin to receive monthly backup reports via mail?"
  • By default, we have activated this for all full access admins.

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