What are the Confirmation Settings?

You will see the Confirmation settings link under Organization if you have opted for our advanced confirmation workflow. Here you can configure the actors involved in the confirmation process, the probation period policies and the review form

Confirmation Review Actors

  • Log into your Admin Account & go to Organization >> Confirmation Settings >> General Settings
  • Click on Edit in the General Settings table and then click on the Add Level to add an actor
  • After adding an actor assign the permissions to that actor. An actor is allowed to start the employee's review process, fill up the confirmation assessment form, and also request for extension of the probation period if required.
  • Click on Save once you are done with the changes. Please note that the changes will affect the upcoming confirmation reviews. It will not affect any review which has already begun
  • In case of any confusion about the actor configurations, click on Change Log to see the past configurations. The latest configuration is saved on the top.
  • In case you want to rearrange the sequence of actors you can drag & drop the listing

Probation Period Settings

  • Scroll down to view the Probation Period Settings table
  • Here you can define the default probation period either in days or months
  • In case you have different probation periods for different criteria like Employee Departments, you can define that too. Select the relevant condition shown under "Please define the criteria?"
  • In the ensuing popup please choose the criteria value and the probation period in days or months
  • If any employee doesn't match the given criteria then the default probation period will be assigned to them

Confirmation Assessment Templates

  • Go to the Confirmation Assessment Template tab and click on Add Template
  • Enter the template name, instructions for filling the template(optional), and then add the questions one by one.
  • The responses to these questions can be either a text response or options to be selected from a dropdown or checkbox

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