How can I create an announcement?

  • Click on the “Employee Pulse” tab on the left of the Quikchex dashboard
  • On the "Start a post" bar click on the Announcements button
  • Alternatively you can click on the "+ New" button in the Announcements section on the top right corner
  • Enter the title & content. The title can be 100 characters long and the content can be 500 characters long
  • In case the announcement is regarding a timed event, you can add an expiry date. The announcement will disappear after the expiry
  • You can choose to attach a document to the announcement. 
  • In case the announcement is an important announcement, you can choose to make it pop up on the screen when the user logs into their ESS portal or their mobile app. If this is a pop up you can choose to make employee acknowledgement mandatory and also choose the frequency of times the announcement show pop up on login. The options are Only Once, Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  • You can also choose to pin the announcement on top. This will ensure it is always visible on the employee directory
  • You can choose to send the announcement as an email to all employees. This will be sent to their login email registered in Quikchex
  • Once you have entered all details click Publish

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