How do I share photos & videos with employees?

  • Click on the “Employee Pulse” tab on the left of the Quikchex dashboard
  • On the "Start a post" bar click on the Photo or Video Link button
  • For the former, you will get a file picker window from where you can choose one or more image files. For the latter, you will get a modal in which you can enter the URL for the YouTube or third-party video sharing site link
  • NOTE: You cannot upload videos directly on our servers. It needs to be uploaded on YouTube or any other video sharing site
  • Once you upload the photos or video links you can add text to your post and then share it with all employees or a certain group of employees
  • Under your name, you will see the option to choose the employees with whom you want to share this post.
  • Choose your audience by selecting either of the All Applicable Employees, Some Employees, or Specific Employees options
  • Select the relevant option you want to share it with i.e.(Location, Specific Employee Department)
  • Click on Submit once you have finished adding all details. 
  • Alternatively you can choose to click on the Start a post button and add the text content first, and then later upload images & video links using the dedicated buttons
  • Since you have posted this from the admin portal, this update will be visible to all

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