What's new in January 2018?

Daily Attendance Logs visible on Attendance Records

Admins, Supervisors, and Employees can now view Attendance entries logs for a day on their Attendance Records.

On My Attendance Records Page, a new blue colour Action button is available. Clicking on it Employee can see all their entries for a day along with the mode of attendance capturing and Location. For Web check-in, IP Address is visible. For Biometric Login, Device IP Address is visible and for Mobile Login GPS location is visible. To view the location on Google map, click on the hyperlinked address mentioned in Location column.

Additionally, Admin can view all employees logs for a month in Attendance Logs tab under the Attendance Module.

Multiple modes of capturing attendance

Earlier, it was not possible to use web check-in and biometric together for marking attendance.

Ability to mark attendance from multiple modes such as biometric devices, mobile app and biometric allows flexibility to employees to record attendance from anyplace. This feature allows companies to manage remotely working and on-field employees in a better way. With multiple modes of recording attendance comes location tracking. On-field employees location can be tracked by viewing their attendance entries data and location.

Record multiple attendance entries through Web

Employees can now record their attendance as many times as desired by clicking on the ‘Mark Attendance’ button on Dashboard or My Attendance Records page.

On Dashboard, ‘Check In’ and ‘Check Out’ buttons are replaced with a single ‘Mark Attendance’ button. Check in and Check out are now automatically calculated by Quikchex System based on shift start and shift end time.

First Entry and Last Entry for the day can be seen below the ‘Mark Attendance’ button.

New Features in the Timesheets Module

  • Auto Approval of Timesheets: Admins can now change the timesheet template settings to auto approval of timesheets submitted by employees

  • Enforcing Daily Timesheet submissions: Admins can now enforce submission of timesheets on the same day itself. Employees won’t be able to add timesheet for past days. An additional question for the same has been added  in  the Timesheet template

  • Record Start and End time of Daily Project Hours: Project Hours can now be recorded by capturing the start time and end time of each project. Settings for the same has been updated in the timesheet template

  • Introducing Tasks: Every Project can now have a set of predefined tasks that employee has to select while filing a timesheet

Additional Features in the Leave Module

Monthly Leave Balance View

  • Earlier there was only annual leave balance view available in Quikchex. This was a problem in comprehending how the leave balance was changing for an employee
  • There was no information visible for the accrual and leave lapse on a monthly basis
  • The New Leave Balance allows admins as well as employees to view how the leave balance changes month by month. Users can now see the leave accrual and leave lapse information also
  • Monthly Leave Balance can be viewed from June 2017 onwards. Thus, the first cycle date visible will be from June 2017

Leave Adjustment

  • Sometimes admins need to make changes in the leave balance of an employee. Earlier this was done through editing Initial Balance of Leave. However, there was no track of who changed the balance, when and why
  • Now, editing the initial balance in Leave templates assignment has been removed
  • Admins can now add or subtract leave balance using Leave Adjustment option. This option is available under Actions dropdown on top RHS of Leave Balance Page
  • There is also an option to bulk upload Leave Adjustment. Bulk Upload will prove useful in case of on-boarding Leave module from another system to Quikchex
  • The details of leave adjustment are visible in leave transaction details. Only 1 leave adjustment transaction can exist in any month. If admin tries to add a new adjustment, the old one gets overwritten
  • Leave adjustment cannot be added for months before June 2017
  • By default, only admin can add Leave Adjustments. To grant Supervisors permission to add Leave Adjustment for subordinates, edit settings under Leave > Settings > General Settings.

Leave Transactions

  • For every activity that affects the leave balance, a leave transaction is recorded. Thus, transactions for leave accrual, leave taken, leave cancellation, leave lapsed, leave adjustment can now be seen
  • In order to view Leave Transactions of an employee, go to leave balance page, select employee, leave cycle, click apply, click on View button under Actions column against the category for which you want to see the leave transactions. Scroll down below the Monthly balance table to view Leave Transactions

Changes on Employee Portal

    • My Leave Balance from the General Information tab and Team Leave Balance have been merged into a single Leave Balance tab
    • Self Leave Balance will be visible  by  clicking Leave Balance tab from side Navigation panel.For Viewing Subordinates’ leave balance, an employee has to be selected from the Employee Dropdown Field

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