What's new in February 2018?

Half Day Working Hour Exemption

Some companies want to provide additional flexibility of working less than minimum hours required for a full day on selected days such as Saturdays and still consider employees full day present.

For example, consider the following scenario-

  • Shift Timing: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Minimum Hours for Half Day: 04:00
  • Minimum Hours for Full Day: 08:00
  • Half Day Exemption Policy
  • Grace minutes from shift start time: 120 min
  • Grace minutes for shift end time: 0 min
  • Half Day Exemption is applicable on Saturdays only.

If an employee checks in at 11:30 AM and checks out at 06:00 PM on a Saturday, then, even though employee has not met minimum hours for a full day, he/she will be considered present for the day and he/she will not get any late/early mark on that day.

How to define Half Day Working Hour Exemption?

  1. Half Day Working Hour Exemption Settings are present in the Attendance Template.
  2. In order to enable this feature, select ‘Yes’ as the answer to Question ‘Will half day working hours exemption be applicable?’
  3. Click proceed till you reach the last step of Attendance Template which will be Half Day Working Hour Exemption
  4. Here you can define grace minutes permissible for coming late from shift start time and grace minutes permissible for early leaving from shift end time to avail this exemption.
  5. You can define the maximum number of exemptions an employee can avail.
  6. You can also choose the days of the week  on  which the exemption will be applicable.


  • Once turned on, half day leave exemption will be automatically applied after processing attendance
  • The exemption will be reflected in Attendance Records only after Processing Attendance in ‘After Processing’ Data.
  • An employee must complete minimum hours for half day for the half day working hours exemption to be applicable on a day.
  • All late marks and early marks will be cleared for the day on which short leave exemption will be used.

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