What's new in July 2018?

Free Tax e-filing

In order to make your tax filing hassle-free, Quikchex has partnered with ClearTax. You can now e-File your Income Tax returns from your Quikchex account. You can opt for either a free plan or a discounted CA assisted plan. Note that the deadline for filing your tax returns is July 31st 2018. Any delay in filing will result in a Rs 5,000 penalty (if income is greater than Rs 5 Lakhs annually) or a Rs 1,000 penalty (if income is less than Rs 5 lakh annually ).

To e-File your tax returns please follow the steps below:

  •          Login to your Quikchex account
  •          Under Tax Declaration Section, click on Tax e-Filing
  •          Tax e-Filing instruction page will open
  •          Click on e-File IT Returns
  •          You will be redirected to the QuikChex partnered ClearTax portal where they can file their returns

All tax filing queries can be directed to the Cleartax team directly.

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