What's new in February 2019?

Performance Management

  • We have updated the Goal submission form so that you can add more information about your KRAs & KPIs
  • Assessments will now happen sequentially. This means that only after the employee's self-assessment the reporting supervisor will be able to submit the employee's assessment.
  • Reporting manager will be able to view the employee's self-rating while adding their own rating for comparison.

Investment Declarations

  • You can now submit your investment proofs online. No more sending hard copies to your accounts team. Reach out to your HR for more details.

Automatic Emails

  • Employees will receive automatic email wishes on their Birthdays and Work Anniversaries. This needs to be set up in the calendar milestones
  • You can set a custom name and email from where the emails would be sent
  • Emails can be CC'ed & BCC'ed to other any other admin or mailing list too

Mobile App

  • Reporting Supervisors can now see the leave balance of their team on the app
  • We have made small tweaks in the UI to make it more fluid

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