What's new in June 2019?

  1. Third Party Integrations
    1. We have integrated with Google for Single Sign-On. In case your organization has signed up for this feature, you will be able to log into your Quikchex account using your Google account
  2. Leave Module updates
    1. You can now see the number of pending applications & usable leave balance while applying for a leave request
    2. Organizations can now allow weekly offs and holiday to get prefixed or  suffixed to the leave application of employees
  3. Attendance module updates
    1. You can now assign geo locations either to employees or templates
  4. Organization module updates
    1. We are now storing branch location & work location for employees
  5. Mobile app updates
    1. You can now see your company holidays in the app under Leave
    2. You can now download your published payslips in the app as a PDF file
    3. We have updated the Forgot Password experience

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