What's new in March 2020?

  1. While downloading any expense report (Expense Line Item Applications Report, Process History Report or Expense Applications Report) you will get an option to download the receipts submitted by the employees while submitting the expense report. Select Yes for "Do you wish to include the receipts submitted for every expense report?" to get the receipts neatly arranged in a folder with the expense reports.
  2. We have optimized, upgraded and simplified the location master in Quikchex. In upgrades you can now specify a proper address in the locations. Currently in the Address column, we have added the current city. For simplification, the employee onboarding & update excel sheets now have a single row called Branch Location in which all addresses are present as a dropdown. No more typing out locations & being bothered by spelling errors during uploads. Also we have changed the Work Location concept. Work Locations are now part of an advanced workflow which we are building. This will be part of our (still under development) compliance module so work locations are disabled for now.
  3. We have incorporated the new taxation logic in our payroll which will be effective from the next financial year April 2020 - March 2021. The tax calculator has been upgraded to show employees the deductions as per the old & new taxation regime. This will help the employee in choosing which investments are beneficial for them. While calculating payroll, we calculate deductions as per both the regimes but apply the regime with the lowest TDS liability, so that employees are able to maximize their net take-home. This behavior can be controlled by the admin while running payroll. In the Tax Overwrite step, we have added the Tax Calculation Method column for this. You can keep the default "Most Optimized" or select between "Old Regime" or "New Regime" in case employees wish to opt-in for a particular regime. 

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