What's new in April 2020?

  1. While downloading the investment declaration report you will get an option to download the proofs submitted by the employees while submitting their tax verification. Select Yes for "Do you want to download soft copies submitted by employees?" to get the receipts neatly arranged in a folder with the expense reports.
  2. We have now introduced Leave Encashment/Recovery, Notice Period Recovery, and Gratuity calculations in Payroll. Based on this your will get system calculated FNF amount which you can review & use while processing the FNF of the employees.
  3. We have now started an Automated Year-End Process Reminder email. This will list out the tasks that you need to complete when your leave cycle comes to an end. The tasks include processing of attendance, running the rollover & updating your holiday list
  4. We have added an advanced Confirmation workflow which includes multiple notice period policies based on criteria and an easily customizable review form for sharing the feedback for the employee
  5. While marking attendance using our mobile apps you can choose to enter comments describing the nature of your work 
  6. In case you try to mark attendance outside of the predefined geo-locations of your organization, you can now convert that to a geo-tagged regularization request which will be approved by your supervisor
  7. We have made numerous minor upgrades to our attendance process & offcycle calculation process to make it easy for you to process your data in the system

Please refer to the Help Center or reach out to our support for more details on these upgrades. Also please remember to stay indoors & stay safe!

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