What's new in October 2020?

  1. We have added a Change Log tab in the employee profile which will track all changes made in the employee master data
  2. We have built push notifications in the mobile app which will inform you if any attendance/leave/expense request is applied, approved, or rejected
  3. For fixed & variable allowances we can choose if the allowance is to be included in the tax computation as per the Old Regime or the New Regime
  4. Gratuity settings now include an option to make an employee eligible for gratuity even if they complete 4 years & 240 days. Gratuity will be calculated by default if the employee separation reason is selected as Permanent Disablement or Deceased
  5. In the leave template, you can choose if leave encashment needs to be calculated on lapsed leave balance or rolled-over balance
  6. In tax declarations, you can declare either 50% or 100% donation amount. Also, we have added a section under 80 Others as “80EEB - Electric Vehicle Loan benefit from 01.04.2020”
  7. We have added audit logs for admin & licensor. You can see the logs on the Manage Administrators & Licensors page
  8. Comments & History section will now show the name of the licensor who have made any changes or approved/rejected any request
  9. Added new permissions for the Invoicing Module and created upload functionality for PO/SRN/GRN numbers
  10. You can now add the address, city & state the employee is mapped to in their work location or branch location in the payslips
  11. Optimizations & bug fixes in the mobile app

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