What's new in March 2021?

  • In continuation with our UI changes, we have upgraded the look & feel of the Performance Management System. Employees, supervisors & admins have a brand new and intuitive dashboard where the focus is on driving the process. You know the exact status of your appraisals at a glance. A unified Submissions tab will help you see what all actions you have performed & a SMART Goal timeline will provide you full transparency into how the employee’s goals were created and updated on the basis of their progress
  • In payroll, NPS arrears will now be auto-calculated. Also sections 80CCD (1) & (2) have been added. Updates have been made in tax payslips, annexure II, monthly tax register & Form 16. Also, a new NPS report is now available.
  • In custom reports, we have optimized the display of leave encashment, notice recovery & gratuity which is updated while processing the FnF settlement of employees
  • Third-party users created in the system can now be assigned as heads of departments. As an HoD, they can also be added to the approval process for attendance, leave, expenses, etc
  • We have optimized the tax declaration & proof submission process to make it easy to use 
  • You can add the QR codes for invoices while finalizing it
  • The service fees in invoices can be easily updated in bulk via a simple excel upload

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