What's new in April 2021?

  • We have added the ability to deactivate shifts that are no longer in use
  • Our email notifications have been revamped to include additional details like
    • Attendance regularization reason
    • Comments added by employees while applying for regularization
    • Leave category
    • Number of leave days
    • Expense categories in an expense report
    • Comments added by approvers while approving or rejecting any of the requests added by employees
  • For leave categories, you can now define the minimum number of consecutive leave days allowed, and also in case of comp offs you can define within how many days can the employee apply for leave from the date of occurrence
  • Also if the leave application mandates the upload of any supporting document, you can choose if the document upload is to be made mandatory based on the number of leave days applied
  • We have rolled out our brand new payroll UI. A separate notification regarding this was also sent with the links to payroll help guides 
  • Arrear calculation now happens automatically if the actual effective date is earlier in the calendar than the payroll effective date
  • We have also revamped our tax payslip design to show a month-on-month tax projection
  • We have added new CTC tables in letter generation which show the comparison between old & new CTC. In addition to this, we have added additional Quikchex Dynamic Fields to show old designation, old department, old work location, etc. These new QDFs are all linked to the Job Information Table
  • In all the upload files that are part of Bulk Update Employee Data, we have added an additional column in the beginning with the Employee Code for easy filtering
  • Licensors can now be added to the approval flow for attendance, leave & expenses

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