Feature Enhancements in Letter Generation : Bulk sending letters, notifications and communication management

Feature Enhancements in Letter Generation:

  • Admin can generate letters for employees who are yet to join(incomplete status)
  • Completed letters can also be mapped to employee documents and are accessible in the employee profile section. This feature is useful organizations that want to get certain documents or forms signed by employees electronically for e.g. Notimation form, employee agreement, NDA, Joining Kit documents, etc
  • The employees will be able to see only published letters.
  • Whenever the employees sign the letter, the admin/licensor gets a notification on the email to verify the same. Only after they verify it, will it be marked as completed. You can also choose not to have the verification hierarchy from the letter settings. Employees will be notified if the letter gets rejected by the admin for any reason.
  • Letter search by name and employee code is optimized.
  • If the employee's signature is ON in template settings, you will see an option to send signed letters via email and publish it immediately after the employee signs the letter.
  • You can now send and verify letters in bulk
  • You generate letters using multi-row table data 
Live on 25th November 2022

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