Letter Generation: Minor and Important changes

Letter Generation: What's a minor change, but useful?

  • All employees will appear in the letter generation section including Incomplete employees(incomplete onboarding).
  • You will now see all the generated letters under the employee's profile section. (If a letter is linked with the existing document field then the same won't be shown in the employee profile Generated letters)*
  • The employee will be able to see only the published letters.
  • Once the employee signs the letter, the admin/licensor gets a notification to verify it. Once verified, the letter stands completed.
  • You can choose to keep the verification on/off to verify the employee's signature.
  • You can choose to immediately publish the letter once the letter is signed by the employee.
  • Multi-row table fields option is available in the dynamic fields selection.
  • Bulk verification of letters
  • Manual Rejection of Letters to be verified
  • The pinned value should show at the top in letters for multi-row table
  • Email should go to an Employee if the letter is rejected at the verification stage.
  • Email should go to Admin if the letter is signed by the employee.
Live on 18th December 2022

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