Quikchex New Features Training | 23rd March 2023

A webinar on "Quikchex New Features Training" was conducted on 23rd March 2023 @4pm. You will get an overview of it in this article along with the webinar recording.

Takeaways from the webinar: Understanding the New Features.
  • Employee Data Change Request
    • How admin can request data change?
    • How employees can request data change?
    • How to set up data change requests?
  • The employee profile section
    • How to add custom employee fields?
    • How to collect and store employee documents?
    • What are the things to keep in mind while adding a new employee?
  • Communication Trigger
    • How to create email templates?
    • How to use dynamic fields while creating the email template?
    • How to set up communication trigger workflow?


WEBINAR RECORDING AT https://youtu.be/M1Eq38JxVyw

Please note: This webinar is from the admin POV and may not be relevant for the employees.

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