Creating Departments made mandatory 01st January 2024 onwards.

Starting from 01st January 2024, it will be mandatory for all the Admins to create departments, if not created already. This is made mandatory to streamline enhancements.

The "Departments" will be used in:

  • The "Organisation Tree" module.
  • "Analytics" module in the future.
  • Filtering department-based metrics and insights.

Action to be taken:

What will happen if the required action is not taken?

  • A general department named "Unassigned" will be created by default.
  • All the employees whose departments are not defined, will show under the "UNASSIGNED" department.

Please Note:

  • This change will not affect the existing data and functionalities of the software.
  • Your data remains intact.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition to this new requirement. 

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