What's New in May 2024?

We are excited to announce a series of new features and enhancements that have been deployed in our Quikchex system as of May 2024. These updates are designed to elevate your user experience and streamline HR processes, based on your valuable feedback and evolving needs. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new:

Employee Directory and Profile Revamp

We have completely revamped the UI for the admin's Employee Directory and employee Profile pages. This revamp ensures consistency across the platform and offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Administrators can now access and manage employee information with greater ease, while employees can conveniently view their profiles and other relevant details.

Investment Module Overhaul

Our investment module has undergone a complete overhaul, introducing crucial improvements in functionalities. These enhancements facilitate smoother investment declaration and proof submission by employees, as well as streamlined verification processes by administrators. The new design makes managing investment declarations more efficient and transparent, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Advance Expense Enhancements

We have introduced new restrictions on the limit of advance expenses, providing greater control and flexibility for administrators to manage expenses effectively. This feature enhances control over financial allocations, ensuring prudent resource management and adherence to budgets.

Introducing Break Shifts

Responding to your feedback, we have introduced the highly requested feature of break shifts in attendance management. This enhancement provides greater scheduling flexibility and ensures accurate tracking of work hours. Employees can now seamlessly record break times, facilitating more precise attendance records and payroll processing.

Cross Reporting Functionality

Our latest enhancement in the Performance Management System (PMS) introduces Cross Reporting functionality, empowering users with enhanced reporting capabilities. This feature provides comprehensive insights and improves performance tracking, making it easier to evaluate and manage employee performance.

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