What's new in July 2020?

  1. As per the ESIC notification dated 13/02/2017 ESIC rates in newly implemented areas will be 3% for employer's share & 1% for employees share. This will be valid for a period of 2 years (24 months) from the date of registration. Post that regular rates will be applicable. This has been added in the system
  2. For daily wage employees, you can now enter their daily rates with decimal values. This will ensure that the rates are calculated accurately in the system
  3. You can now upload employee's form 16 as a combined file or Parts A & B separately. Click here to know more
  4. We have updated the device registration workflow to optimize the experience while switching to a new device
  5. We have added more features in the team comp off & team regularization pages on the mobile apps
  6. You can now click a selfie to validate your attendance marked from your mobile. (NOTE: This feature needs to be activated by your HR team)
  7. We have optimized the offcycle processing in the system

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