What's new in February 2021?

  • We have added a new report "ESS & App Activation Status Report" under HR reports which state how many employees have activated their web accounts & how many are using the mobile app. Read more here
  • You can now track employees who have not marked their attendance on a daily basis. Read more here
  • While adding a CTC for employees you can set an alert if the CTC is violating the minimum wage requirements. This is applicable only to those who use the compliance module. Read more here
  • We have updated the branch & work location columns in our reports & continue to do so for every new report
  • For licensors, a new notification settings page is added under every company login. Licensors can choose if they want to activate or deactivate notifications for a particular company mapped to them. These notifications include attendance, leave, expense, payroll & other module-specific notifications
  • Licensors will get emails on specific events like when a particular user changes their mobile for marking attendance or when there is a new joinee, upcoming confirmation, or resignation of an employee
  • Upload of password protected files have been restricted in the system for security purposes
  • Our mobile app now supports offline attendance. If you are in an area with no network coverage you can still mark attendance only with GPS

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