How do I submit an expense report?

  • In the App

    • Go to Expenses >> My Expenses and click on the '+' button. 
    • After this enter the report name & advance amount if any. Next click on Add Expense.
    • Fill in the relevant details as per the expense category, map to an expense report, and save the report by clicking on the tick icon on the top right corner
    • You can add multiple expenses using the Add Expense button
    • On the main listing page click on the green submit button to submit the expense report.

      In the web portal

      Step 1: Adding an expense

    • Click on the “Expense” tab towards the left
    • Click on “My Expenses”
    • Towards the right above the actions column, click on the “Add Expense Report” button

    • After this enter the report name & advance amount if any. Next click on Add New Expense and fill in all the relevant details which include:
      • Expense Category: these are pre-defined categories set by your admin, so make sure to choose the category that best reflects the nature of the expense
      • Receipt: If a receipt is mandatory, make sure to upload a scanned or e-copy of the receipt for that specific claim. You can upload PNG, PDF, JPG, JPEG, Zip, Doc, Excel formats upto to 20MB in size
      • Date of Incurrence: this is the day on which you actually incurred the expense and not the date of submission of the expense. Usually it will be a prior date. Your admin might have restrictions as to how far back you can go when selecting this date
      • Amount: This the total amount of expense that you would like reimbursed and may be equal to or less than the total expense actually incurred
      • Reimbursable: this is to indicate that amount requested by you has already been incurred out of your own pocket, and will have been too credited back to you. By default, in most cases, you should have this checkbox selected
      • Billable: this is to indicate that amount you are claiming is directly billable to a Client of the Company
      • Merchant Name: this is the name of the merchant under whom the expense is incurred. Examples could include Uber or Ola for travel expenses
      • Advance Amount Received: If you have already received an advance payment for this expense, you will have to enter that amount here. This advance will be subtracted from the final payment made to you. For example, if you received an advance of Rs 10,000 for an out-of-town client visit prior to the trip, and you incurred total expenses of Rs 15,000 on the trip, the net payable to you will be Rs 5,000 (Rs 15,000 – Rs 10,000). If you have not received any advance, leave it as 0 or blank

        Step 2: Mapping an expense to an Expense Report

      • When adding a new claim, you will have the option of mapping to an existing un-submitted Expense Report or adding a new Expense Report directly by clicking on the “+ Add New Report” in the “Report Name” field

        Step 3: Submitting the final Expense Report

      • Once all expenses have been added to the Expense Report, you can submit the expense report by clicking on the “Submit” button

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