How do I enter promissory amount for a declaration made by me?

  • NOTE: You can enter promissory amounts only for Life Insurance Premium, Equity Linked Saving Scheme, Section 80D, and rent paid from January till March (depending on what month your employer wants proofs to submitted by).
  • Go to Tax Declarations >> Investment submission. Click on the Actions dropdown and then click on Submit Investment Proofs option.

  • You will get the declaration form with different sections in different tabs (for example Investment under 80C, Investments under 80 others, Rent Information, etc.)
  • Go to the appropriate tab and choose the exemption for which you wish to submit proofs for. If a declaration for this exemption was approved, you will see the previously verified amount
  • Under the section Please enter the promissory you are submitting: enter the promissory amount. For rent, there is a promissory check box to declare promissory amounts
  • Click on the Submit Proofs button.

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