How do I fill an assessment assigned to me/How can I self-assess?

  •  As per the performance cycle of your organization, you will be notified when the period for submitting assessments has started
  • You can be assigned as an assessor for yourself (self-assessment) or for other employees (peer or manager review)
  • Log into your Quikchex account and go to Performance >> My Performance Dashboard. Select the correct performance cycle from the cycle switcher on the top right corner
  • Select Assessments and choose the required Assessment.
  • You will see a Start button under the Action column for the assessment you are supposed to submit.

  • In case you do not see a Start button, it could be because the assessment submission period has not started, the assessee has not submitted their goal plan or in case of sequential assessments, the previous assessor has not submitted their assessment. The timeline banner on the table and the Status column will inform you about the exact reason why you cannot see the Start button.

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