How do I approve the goal plan of my subordinates?

  • Log into your Quikchex account and go to Performance >> My Team Performance Dashboard. Select the correct performance cycle from the cycle switcher on the top right corner
  • Scroll down below the pie charts to the Activity section. Here click on the goal period on the left for which you wish to approve pending requests. Alternatively, you can go to Pending Requests and click on the alert in the Pending Requests modals
  • Click on the View Goals button. You will be taken to the Team Goal Approval listing page. Here you will get the list of reportees who have submitted their goal plans for approval
  • Click on the View button to view the goal plan. You can click on the Approve or Reject button to approve or reject the goal plan. The goal plan can be edited before approval
  • You can also enter comments while approving or rejecting the goal plan. These comments are shown in the SMART Goal Timeline tab

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