What do the “Before Processing” and “After Processing” statuses mean?

  • Before Processing: This option gives you the information about your attendance records before processing the attendance.
  • After processing: This gives you the actual status of your attendance after processing the attendance and syncing with leave having these two options helps you understand how your attendance status changes after processing.  

Note: The attendance process is an admin driven process that validates the monthly attendance and deducts leaves for late/early mark, sandwich policy violations, and adjusts absent days with leave as per the attendance template.

For example, say you do not show up to work on a given day and have not submitted a leave application for the same. Your status will reflect as “Absent” under the “Before Processing” dropdown for that day. Once your attendance is processed, that day might get marked as a “Casual Leave” depending on your attendance policy and whether you have sufficient leave balance. The system is thus creating an automatic leave application on your behalf, and thus you will not be deducted any salary for that day. Hence under the “After Processing” section, your status will now reflect as “Casual Leave” instead of “Absent”.

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