How do I submit a timesheet record?

  • Click on the “Timesheet” tab towards the right.
  • Click on the “My Timesheets” sub-tab
  • Towards the right click on the +Add Timesheet button for whichever date you are adding the timesheet record for

  • Fill in the required details for the task you are adding which are as follow(Note: This could differ based on the template assigned to you by your organization)
    • Project Hours: The total hours spent on that task for that day only
    • Project: Choose the project for whom the task is being performed for
    • Client: The client name is auto-populated on choosing the project
    • Task: Choose the task performed from the dropdown
    • Custom Fields: Enter any custom field information that your Admin requires you to fill in
    • Comments: Enter any information related to the task that your Admin might require you to input

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