How do I add a location?

There are two types of locations stored in Quikchex:

  1. Branch Location: This is the location that an employee reports to in an organization.
  2. Work Location: This is for on-field employees or employees assigned to work at a client location. It can be different from their Branch Location.

Note: For most employees, Work Location could be the same as their Branch Location.

Adding a location in Quikchex

  • Click on the “Organization” tab on the left sidebar
  • Click on "Organization Settings" and then click on “Locations” sub-tab
  • The first tab is for Branch Locations. Click on the “+Branch Location” button to add a branch location
  • Enter the Location Name, Country, State, City and Time zone
  • After adding a branch location go to the Work Locations tab. Click on the “+Work Location” button to add a work location which will be mapped to a branch location

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