How do I add custom employee fields?

  • Click on the “Organization” tab and go to Organization Settings
  • Click on the “Employee Fields” sub-tab
  • You can add a field to any table of the employee profile by clicking on “+ Add Field” on top right
  • You can add additional tables if required

  • Customize the field or table as per requirement and level of access
  • In case you wish to capture multiple rows of custom field information in a table, you need to choose "Multiple Row" option under "What Type of Data will be entered in This Table?" while creating a table. Examples of tables with multiple rows of custom field information are Emergency Contact Details, Educational Qualification, Additional Certifications, etc.

  • These custom tables & fields support drag & drop functionality. You can easily move the table to a different position, rearrange the column headers or row sequence within a table by simply dragging and dropping them around.
  • NOTE: Drag & drop feature is not applicable to the default employee fields & tables present in Quikchex.

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