How do I upload/edit my company policy document?

  • Managing company policy documents is a crucial aspect of maintaining an organized and compliant workplace. QuikChex HRMS makes it easy to upload, edit, and manage these documents. Follow these detailed steps to upload or edit your company policy document within the QuikChex HRMS.

    Step-by-Step Guide

Login to the HRMS as an Admin

      • Ensure you are logged into the QuikChex HRMS with admin privileges.

        Navigate to the Dashboard

      • Once logged in, you will be directed to the Dashboard.

        Access the Organizations Tab

      • On the Left hand side, click on the Organizations tab.

        Go to Documents + Letters Sub Tab

      • Within the Organizations tab, locate and click on the Documents + Letters sub tab.

        Open Company Documents

      • Click on Company Documents to view the list of existing documents.

        Add a New Document

      • Click on the + New Document button to initiate the process.

        Fill in the Add New Policy Document Form

      • A popup titled Add New Policy Document will appear. Here, you can set various parameters for your document:
        • Name : Add an appropriate name for your document
        • Icons: Select an appropriate icon for the document.
        • Description: Provide a short description to give context about the document.
        • Upload: Upload the document in the supported formats.

          Set Visibility Options

      • If you choose to keep the document invisible, it will not be visible to employees.
      • If set to viewable, you can decide whether employees can download the document or only view it online.

        Enable Document Acknowledgment

      • Determine if you want employees to acknowledge the document. This ensures they have read and understood the policy.

        Display Notifications

      • You can choose to show a popup notification on the mobile app and web app.
      • There is also an option to send an email notification about the new document.

        Select Employee Audience

      • Define which employees the document applies to:
        • All Employees: The document will be accessible to everyone.
        • Specific Groups: Segregate employees based on location, departments, or other fields available in the dropdown.
        • Individual Employees: Select specific employees manually.

          Save the Document

      • Once all settings are configured, save the document to finalize the process.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your company’s policy documents within QuikChex HRMS. This process ensures that all employees have access to the most current and relevant policies, helping maintain compliance and organization across the company.

Note: To edit a company policy document you need to click on the Edit button towards the right under the actions column

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