What does regularization reason mean? How do I add various regularization reasons?

  • Regularization reason means stating a reason for your missed check in/ log in or checkout/log out.
    Eg: On a given day I forgot to check in, but at the end of my shift I checked out/logged. It will be captured as an invalid record in the Quikchex portal. Thus in order to rectify the invalid record you need to state the reason for not checking in /logging in.
    • Click on the “Attendance” tab
    • Click on the “Settings” sub tab
    • In the "Regularization Reason" table towards the right click on "+ Add Reason"
    • Type in a label (it means giving reasons for regularizing the invalid records)
    • Eg. Miss punch/Missed log in, Outdoor duty/Client visit, sales visit
    • Toggle the frequency restriction to on in case you want to restrict the number of times an employee can apply for regularization of attendance
    • Click on Save

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