How can I download expense reports bulk-wise?

  • Go to Reports tab
  • Click on the Expense Reports sub tab
  • Click on the 'Generate' button next to the Expense Applications Report
  • In the popup that opens, choose the date range and the employees whose report you require and click on the 'Generate' button

Note: After clicking on the “Generate” button you will see a message (Success! Your process has started. You can view the progress in the 'Import Export' tab. To access it, please click here)

  • You need to click on the (click here) link; it will then re-direct you to the “Reports Generation” page
  • Under the status column if you see “Processing”, please make sure you wait for a few minutes until the status changes to “Completed” (make sure to refresh your browser to see the updated stats)
  • Once the status shows as “Completed”, click on the “Download” button under the “actions” column; your file will be downloaded
  • You can also download the Expense Reports by clicking “Reports” towards the left, then click on “Reports Generation”

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