How do I create a leave Template?

  • Click on the “Leaves” tab
  • Click on the “Settings” sub tab
  • Click on “Templates”
  • Click on the “+ Leave Policy” button on the right side of the page.
  • Enter the name of the policy, choose which leave categories will be applicable to this policy and the number of Flexi leaves that an employee can apply for in a leave cycle.
  • "How would you like to add Weekly Offs?": Specify if the employees' weekly offs will be added template wise or employee wise
  • "How many levels of approvals you want to add?": Specify if you want a single level or double level approval for leave requests
  • "How would you like to add approvers?": Specify if the employees' approvers will be added template wise or employee wise

  • "Would you like to make comment mandatory while applying or cancellation of leave application?": Specify if you require a comment from the employee while they submit their leave request
  • "Would you like to add clubbing restrictions?": Here you may specify the clubbing restrictions for different leave categories if any
  • "Are leaves separated by a weekly off/holiday, considered as clubbed together?": Specify if you wish to club multiple leave requests that are separated by a weekly off/holiday
  • Once you have entered these details click on Proceed
  • Now configure the accrual rates and rollover caps for each category in step 2
  • "What is the negative balance cap? (leave blank for no limit)": Specify how much negative balance can a user accumulate
  • "Would you like to change leave accrual rate by tenure of employees in the company?": Specify if you want to change the accrual rate of employees after they complete a certain tenure
  • Once you have configured all the settings click Proceed

  • If you have chosen to set the Weekly Offs template wise on the first page then you will now see the week off selection page. Choose the week offs and click Save and Complete

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