How do I publish payslips?

There are 2 ways of publishing employee payslips

  1. From the payroll actions dashboard
    1. Click on Payroll >> Run payroll to open payroll dashboard
    2. The upcoming month is selected by default. You can click on a different month card to access another month if you wish to make any changes to it
    3. Scroll down to the payroll month summary card. Here click on the View Payroll button to access the Payroll Actions Dashboard
    4.  Under the Payroll Outputs section, you will find the option to Publish Payslips
    5. The next page will have the list of employees whose payslips are ready to be published
    6. Select the employees from the checkboxes on the left side & then click the Publish Payslips button
  2. From the Payslips & Form 16s menu
    1. Click on the “Payroll” tab towards the left
    2. Click on the “Payslips & Form 16s” sub-tab
    3. Once the payslip is generated under the Actions column you will see a “Publish” button
    4. Once you click on the “Publish” button select the employees
    5. Click on the “Publish Payslips” button towards the right on the top

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