What is “attendance process”? How does it work?

  • This is the automatic process of calculating your monthly attendance before the payroll is run. It ensures that the attendance records saved in Quikchex are in sync with the attendance policy of your organization
  • The attendance process calculates the working days, non-working days (weekly-offs, leaves, and holidays), loss of pay days, etc for all employees.
    For example, if an organization has a policy of deducting leave for the days an employee is absent and there is no attendance regularization or leave request for such days, this is automatically done by attendance process
  • The attendance process formats the attendance data so that it is easily synced with the Leave and Payroll modules.
  • Leave deduction for absent days is done as per the attendance hierarchy specified in the attendance template.
    For example, in case if an employee was absent on a given day and he did not add a leave request for that given day, but he has sufficient leave balance in his account. In this case, the system will mark him as absent by default. But when the “Attendance Process” is run the system will first check if there is any leave balance, if there is a leave balance it will automatically deduct the leave from the balance and adjust it for the absent day.
    Note: The Attendance hierarchy can be arranged according to the company policies
  • While deducting leaves for absent days in case the organization follows a sandwich policy for leaves, the leave will be accordingly deducted.
    For example, if your week off is on Saturday and Sunday and you have taken leave/are absent on Friday and Monday, then it will be counted as four days leave i.e. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

To run the Attendance Process for the month :

  • Go to Admin Portal >> Attendance >> Process MM-YYYY Attendance (Where MM-YYYY is the month-year period for which the attendance process is pending)
  • You will be asked to choose the employees you wish to process. In case you have already processed attendance partially, you will get an option to reprocess it.
  • The status will show as Processing. Once complete, download the report to verify the processed data.
  • In case the status shows as "Incomplete", some employee's attendance data are invalid. Please download the report to verify this and rectify those records via attendance regularization.
  • Once you verify the data, proceed with the Leave and Payroll Sync. This will ensure that the data is uniform across all modules.

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