What is the Half Day Working Hour Exemption?

Some companies want to provide additional flexibility of working less than minimum hours required for a full day on selected days such as Saturdays and still consider employees full day present.

For example, consider the following scenario-

  • Shift Timing: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Minimum Hours for Half Day: 04:00
  • Minimum Hours for Full Day: 08:00

Half Day Exemption Policy

  • Grace minutes from shift start time: 120 min
  • Grace minutes for shift end time: 0 min
  • Half Day Exemption is applicable on Saturdays only

If an employee does a check-in at 11:30 AM and does a check-out at 06:00 PM on a Saturday, then, even though employee has not met minimum hours for a full day, he/she will be considered present for the day and he/she will not get any late/early mark on that day


  • Once turned on, half day leave exemption will be automatically applied after processing attendance 
  • The exemption will be reflected in Attendance Records only after Processing Attendance in ‘After Processing’ Data
  • An employee must complete minimum hours for half day for the half day working hours exemption to be applicable on a day
  • All late marks and early marks will be cleared for the day on which half day working hours exemption will be used

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