How do I sync the leave deductions & LOP days calculated in the Attendance Process?

  1. Log into your Quikchex Admin account
  2. Go to Attendance >> Attendance Process
  3. After successfully running an attendance process you will see the Sync button under the columns Export to Leave & Export to Payroll
  4. Export to Leave: The leave applications that have to be added for an employee due to any absent days, missing attendance records, deductions for late coming or early going, etc will be added once you click the Sync button
  5. Export to Payroll: The loss of pay (LOP) days that were calculated in the attendance process will be synced to the Payroll module once you click the Sync button
  6. In both the above cases, on clicking the Sync button you will be allowed to choose the employees for whom you wish to sync the leave deductions & LOP days. You can also undo the sync in case you wish to reprocess the data.

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