How do I run the payroll process?

  1. Click on Payroll >> Run payroll to open payroll dashboard
  2. The upcoming month is selected by default. You can click on a different month card to access another month if you wish to make any changes to it
  3. Scroll down to the payroll month summary card. Here click on the Run Payroll button to access the Payroll Actions Dashboard
  4. On the Payroll Actions Dashboard we have divided the payroll process into 3 sections: Add Inputs, Run Payroll, Payroll Outputs. In these 3 sections, we have provided separate links for all payroll actions
  5. Under Add Inputs you can add the loss of pay days for employees (either already synced from the attendance process or added manually), enter variable payments, arrears, FnF settlements, Income Tax overwrite etc
  6. After entering all inputs click Run Payroll in the Run Payroll section. Select the employees you wish to process and then click on the Process Payroll button
  7. Once the payroll has been completed, the charts & logs on the Payroll Actions Dashboard will get updated. The Payroll Status pie chart will show how many employees are processed, pending & on hold. The Payout Status pie chart will show the breakdown of the amount processed (this is the same as the pie chart on the dashboard). The Payroll Change log will show which admin performed what actions
  8. In the Payroll Outputs section, you can perform tasks like download the salary register, view, publish or unpublish payslips and download the variance report.

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