What is a goal category? How do I add one?

Usually, an employee's goal plan sufficiently describes the prime objectives of their responsibilities. However, the organization may be following methodologies like the Balanced Score Card ( read more) or they may be following certain organizational values to which these goals need to be aligned, as their output adds value to these organizational values. Such metrics or values can be defined in Quikchex as Goal categories.

  • Go to Performance >> Settings >> General Settings
  • On the Goal Categories table click on +Add New Category
  • Here you can add your goal categories.
  • These goal categories are used during the creation of the employee's goal plan. These goal categories are rated along with the goals that they are assigned to based on the rating scale defined in the performance cycle.
  • You can edit the category name or delete it as long as it is unused
  • There are reports associated with these goal categories which help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organizational values

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