How do I mark my attendance using the app if I'm outside the geo fenced area?

If your job requires you to travel to client locations or off-site areas, you would be required to mark your attendance from that location. If your organization does not have an open attendance policy, you can use the GPS regularization feature in our app to mark your attendance.

Note: Please confirm your attendance marking policy with your HR team or reporting supervisor to know if you are eligible for GPS regularization.

How to mark attendance using GPS regularization?

  1. Once you reach the designated location, mark attendance as usual from the mobile app.
  2. You will see a prompt on the app informing you that you cannot mark attendance as you are outside the geofenced area. Instead, you can add a regularization request which will be sent for approval.

  3. On clicking Yes you will be taken to the Add Regularization Request page. Here you will see the current date, time & GPS address. You need to choose whether you want to mark a check-in or checkout, the time, reason & comment.

  4. On submitting the request, it will be sent for approval. The timings will be updated in the portal post-approval. 

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