How can I restrict location for Geo Fencing?

You can restrict location for attendance marking through mobile app

  • Go to Attendance >> Settings >> Template
  • Click on Edit template
  • Proceed to "Step 2 - Attendance Regularizations" page
  • Select "Yes" for "Would you like to restrict Locations from which employee can mark check-in/check out using Mobile?" - This allows you to restrict your employees to check-in and check out using the mobile app only when they are physically present in office premises.
  • Under "How would you like to assign Locations for each employee?" you define if all the locations created in this template are applicable to whoever this template is assigned or if they can be assigned only one location out of these. 
  • Once you click on Add Location you will see a map using which you can choose the location and the attendance marking radius or you can simply enter the location latitude & longitude, enter the radius (in meters) you wish to restrict and save.

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