Email Draft for investment proof submission

Below is the sample email draft which you can use for direct reference to send to your email after making suitable changes as per your requirements and company policy.

---------Mailer to employees--------

Please note your Income Tax calculation till now was made on the basis of your Investment declarations entered online with Quikchex portal. Now it’s time to submit actual investment proofs done by you for the Current Financial Year 2023- 2024 (1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024). 

The last date for submission of actual Investment proof online with Quikchex Employee Portal will be 15th February 2024 (for the month of February). If the documents are not submitted, then the investment will be considered zero, and tax will be accordingly recalculated and proportionally deducted from your January 2024 to March 2024.

You can submit your investment proof online through the Quikchex portal for the Current Financial year (April 2023 to March 2024). These can be inputted through the “Tax Declarations” tab available in your Quikchex dashboard. 

Guidelines to Submit Investment Proofs :

Step 1: Log in to your Quikchex Employee account

Step 2: In ‘Tax Declarations’ click on ‘Investment Submissions’ 

Step 3: Click on “Action” and Submit Investment Proofs” to submit Investment proofs details.

Step 4:  To know more about various Deduction and Exemption, and what all proofs and documents to submit, then click on “Investment Guidelines” available under “Action

Step 5: ‘Form 12BB - Employee Tax Details’ page will be opened, wherein you can fill up the various tax saving details under a different tab.

Step 6:If any payment is due for future months (January, February, and March) under ELSS/Life Insurance/Rent/Mediclaim then you can enter the same from “Submit Promissory Proofs” and the document for the same can be uploaded before the 15th March 2024. If in March 2024 payroll process if you miss submitting promissory proof online with the Quikchex portal, the declared promissory amounts will be considered as taxable.

Points to consider while submitting investment declaration online;

  1. You can see the declaration page with different sections in different tabs (for example Investment under 80C, Investments under 80 others, Rent Information, Housing Loan, etc.) 
  2. Go to the appropriate tab and enter the required details and upload proofs (Exemption category, amount, Rent Information, Loan information, etc.) 
  3. To add the deduction and exemptions category in the same batch, click on the “+Add More”  button. 
  4. To move to the next tab, click on the “Proceed” button 
  5. To submit the final Investment proof, on the last tab “Hosing Loan Info” click on “Submit All Details” 
  6. For more assistance please refer Quikchex help center:

How to know if the investment proof is approved by the Company Admin ;

1. On verification of Investment proof by company admin, you will get an intimation email towards approval or rejection of Investment proof submitted by you.

2. Log in to the Quikchex portal and check the status of the Investment proof submission. If any proof submitted amount is disallowed or rejected due to insufficient proof or invalid proof, you can resubmit a new batch with valid documents. This again should be resubmitted before the set deadline.   

Note:  Any Investment proof submitted or resubmitted after the due dates will not be considered for the same month. It will be considered in next month's payroll.  

To know which all Exemptions and Deduction will be considered as per the Old and New tax regimes and its guideline, please check on this link

No more exemptions and deductions will be allowed if the taxpayer opts for the new Income Tax rates

New tax rates will be optional for employees. 

If the employee wishes to go with the new proposed Income tax rates, then the employee will not be able to avail of any benefit, like; 

  • Section 10 exemptions like House Rent, LTA
  • 80C (PF, PPF, LIC, ELSS, Housing Loan Repayment, etc)
  • 80other (80D, 80DD, 80DDB, etc) deductions
  • Standard deductions 50K 
  • Professional Tax 
  • Housing Loan Interest 
  • Section 80CCD deduction. 

How to access Quikchex Income Tax Calculator

Step 1: Log in to your Quikchex Employee account

Step 2: Go to the “Investment Submissions” page

Step 3: Click on “Tax Calculator” under the ‘Action” button.

Download the step-by-step guide here Investment-Proof-Submission-guidelines-(1).pdf

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