How to add contract employees?

The process to add a contract employee is the same as adding a regular employee. The key differences in the workflow are listed below:

  1. Under the Employment Tab, the question “Please select Employment Type” will now be visible after “What is the employee's joining date?”
  2. After this, you will be asked to enter the contract end date. The Start date is automatically mapped to the joining date
  3. In the Employee Profile, the “Please select Employment Type” question will be visible under the “General Employment Details” table in the employee profile instead of the “Job Information” table
  4. Above the Job Information table, we will be having a contract history table. Here you can add a new contract for the employee. Along with the contract you can attach as a proof the contract renewal approval from clients and the new contract agreement. The contract agreement can be an uploaded file or it can be linked to existing uploaded employee documents or generated letters in Quikchex
  5. In the Employees Module, you will see a Contract Renewals menu. This will list all the expired contracts & contracts expiring in the upcoming 45 days. From here you can renew individual or bulk contracts and upload the approval proof and agreement in bulk.
  6. Under Alerts, you will see the alerts for overdue & upcoming contract renewals. Mails for these will be going to admins & reporting supervisors on a weekly basis every Monday.

Other points to remember

  1. Contract employees do not fall under the confirmation workflow. Therefore you cannot specify or modify their confirmation dates in the system.
  2. An employee can have only one employment type during his tenure. The employment type cannot be changed once created.

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