How to create Offboarding tasks for employees?

  • From the Dashboard >> Go to the left panel>> Click on the "Organization">> "HR Workflow Settings"
  • On the "Details List">> click on "Offboarding Settings" then from the drop-down select "Offboarding Tasks"

1) Task Category

  • From the dropdown select "Task Category" on right side top click on "+ Add Category" >> Label the template >> Save

2) Task

  • From the dropdown select "Task" on right side top click on "+ Add Custom Task" >> Label the Task >> Select Category from the dropdown >> Make the necessary changes by clicking Yes/No >> Save

3) Offboarding Checklist Template

  • From the dropdown select "Offboarding Checklist Template" on right side top click on "+ Add Template" >> Label the Checklist >> Select Default Group >> Select the task >> Select Assigned To >> Select Due Date >> Click on "+add task" to add more tasks >> Save

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