How to upload bulk regularization

Step 1: "Attendance" Module click on "Regularization Requests"

Steps 2 : Click on "Actions" and select "Bulk Upload Regularization"

Steps 3 : Read the Instruction for Bulk Upload Regularization

Click on Download Tab.

Step 4: Update the details in the downloaded excel sheet


1. Download bulk regularization format from download section

2. Enter employee email as per records, Name & Emp Code Date & date in DD-MM-YYYY Format

3. Select all the cells instructions when uploading check in times” to “Select Requested Check In and Check Out Column”

4. Right click and select the format cells button

5. Choose the "Text" format

6. Enter the check-in / check-out times in AM/PM format: E.g. 8:05 AM or 12:30 PM

Steps 5: After entering the regularization data on the Bulk Upload Regularization click on ‘’Choose file’’ tab and select the file for uploading from the designated folder.

Step 6: Select Regularization Status Applicable

  • Approved - Uploaded regularization request will directly get approved
  • Go Through Approval Workflow - After uploading excel sheet request will be sent to the Reporting Supervisor

Steps 7 : Click on Upload

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