How to set up onboarding?

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding refers to the process of integrating a new employee into the organization. It involves all the necessary steps to acclimate the new hire to their role, team, and the company as a whole.

How to do Onboarding General Settings?

  • From the Dashboard, go to the left panel>> Click on Organization >> HR Worflow Settings
  • Select Onboarding Settings >> go to General Settings >> Click on Edit

Do the changes are per your policy in the system and select "Yes or No" for :

  • Access of Employee portal before joining date
  • Set the days for onboarding tab in employee portal after joining - maximum 180 days access can be given to complete onboarding tasks
  • Activate Self-Onboarding and assign Checklists : Self-onboarding in HRMS refers to the process where employees independently complete the necessary steps to join and integrate into the organization using the HRMS platform, Checklist is a list of Onboarding Tasks
  • Activate Resources Resources are training material uploaded in HRMS and it can be used for training new resource
  • Activate First Day Information First day information includes Address of the organisation and HR Contact details
  • Activate Welcome Message Welcome message is included in the invite sent to the potential employee
  • Activate letter generation while Onboarding which can be used for Offer Letter and APL generation

Note: "If the settings is activated as Mandatory then only created templates can be selected from the dropdown for assign Checklists, Resources, First Day Information, Welcome Message".

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