What is the Single Check-In Attendance Feature? How to enable it?

We are excited to announce a new enhancement to the attendance module in QuikChex: the Single Check-In feature. This update simplifies attendance tracking by considering a single check-in as a full day's presence. Designed to streamline attendance management, this feature ensures that employees are marked as present for the entire day even if they only check in once.

Key Benefits

Simplified Attendance Management

With the Single Check-In feature, tracking attendance becomes more straightforward. Employees no longer need to check in and out multiple times a day to be marked present.

Enhanced Flexibility

This feature provides greater flexibility for employees with varied schedules or those who work remotely, ensuring their presence is accurately recorded without the need for multiple check-ins.

Improved Accuracy

By reducing the dependency on multiple check-ins, the potential for missed check-outs or check-ins is minimized, resulting in more accurate attendance records.

How It Works?

The Single Check-In feature is designed to be intuitive and easy to use:

Single Check-In

When an employee checks in at any time during the day, QuikChex automatically marks them as present for the entire day.

Attendance Record Update

The system updates the attendance record, ensuring that the employee is marked present for the day based on their single check-in.

Daily Presence Assurance

Even if an employee only checks in once and does not perform additional check-ins or check-outs, they are assured to be marked present for that day.

Setting Up the Single Check-In Feature

To enable the Single Check-In feature in QuikChex:

Navigate to the Attendance Module

Go to the Attendance module within QuikChex.

Access Settings

Click on the settings sub-module to access the attendance settings.

Enable Single Check-In

Click on Templates >> Click on Pencil Icon >> Select the option for "Single Check-In" to enable.

Save Changes

Save the changes to activate the feature for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if an employee forgets to check in?

  • A: If an employee forgets to check in, they will not be marked as present. It is important for employees to perform at least one check-in per day to be recorded as present.

Q: Can we disable the Single Check-In feature after enabling it?

  • A: Yes, administrators can disable this feature at any time by accessing the attendance settings.

Q: Will this feature affect reporting and payroll?

  • A: The Single Check-In feature is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing reporting and payroll processes, ensuring accurate attendance records without additional adjustments.

The Single Check-In feature in QuikChex is a significant step towards making attendance management more efficient and flexible. By allowing a single check-in to count as a full day's presence, we aim to reduce administrative overhead and enhance the user experience for both employees and HR departments.

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