What is Break Shift? How to set up break shift?

The Break Shift feature is an innovative tool allows employers to manage and calculate break times within employee shifts more efficiently. With this feature, you can set specific break periods, ensuring that employees complete their required work hours excluding their designated breaks. This article will guide you through the purpose, functionality, and usage of the Break Shift feature.

Purpose of the Break Shift Feature

The Break Shift feature is designed to:

  • Ensure Compliance: Ensure employees comply with their required work hours by accurately tracking break times.
  • Improve Productivity: Allow employees to take necessary breaks without compromising their total work hours.
  • Enhance Flexibility: Provide employers the flexibility to set and adjust break periods according to organizational needs.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate Time Tracking: Automatically deduct break times from the total shift duration to ensure accurate work hour calculation.
  • Customizable Break Periods: Set and modify break periods to align with company policies and operational requirements.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Generate detailed reports reflecting actual work hours, excluding break times, for better payroll and performance analysis.

How to Use the Break Shift Feature

Setting Up Break Shifts

  • Access the Attendance Module:

Navigate to the ‘Attendance Module’ on the HRMS dashboard.

  • Go to Attendance Settings:

Select ‘Attendance Settings’ within the Attendance Module.

  • Configure Shifts:

Click on ‘Shifts’ to view and manage shift configurations.

You can either edit an existing shift using the pencil icon or create a new shift by clicking ‘Add New Shift’.

  • Enter Shift Details:

Specify the shift timings, the minimum hours required for a full day, and the minimum hours for a half day.

Select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Is Break Shift Applicable’ option.

  • Set Break Timings:

Enter the break timings (from and to) that will be deducted from the shift.

Save the configuration to apply the break settings to the shift.

Regularizing Breaks

Employee Regularization:

Employees can regularize their breaks which will go through the regular approval workflow

For instance, if an employee has not taken a break, they can regularize it so they can leave early instead of staying an extra hour.

Supervisor Regularization:

Supervisors have the authority to regularize breaks for employees.

If an employee has taken a longer break, such as two hours, the supervisor can adjust the break time accordingly through the supervisor login.

Admin Regularization:

Admins can also regularize breaks on behalf of employees.

This includes both adding breaks if missed or adjusting the duration of breaks taken.

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